Have You Met Jose?

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Five years ago I got invited to go try a workout at Col Fitness. I put it off for weeks but finally I decided to show up. That proved to be a great decision because the day I showed up kicked off a friendship that has gone on to be an important one in my life. The person on the other side of that friendship is Jose Nicolas. 

Jose Nicolas is a man of servitude. His first priority is always to empower others. This manifests in all areas of his life. As a husband and father, as a friend, as a gym owner, as a coach, and as a man of God. 

Today is Jose’s birthday. In this post I aim to share more context on the man he is and the impact he’s had in my life. 


When I first met Jose that day I showed up for a drop-in I could feel there was a different energy about him. I could see he cared. Really cared. 

He wanted to know my story. Where was I coming from and where was I trying to go – not just physically, as a person. His goal wasn’t to add another person to his roster, his goal was to find a way to make an impact in my life. I showed up that first time to appease a friend but after talking to Jose for five minutes I knew I had to come back. And what I found incredible was that the more I came back the more I saw this same energy poured into everyone who walked through his doors. I’ve seen this hundreds of times.

Not only does Jose impact people individually, he builds community. The hundreds of people that come through the doors come together in a special way. I’ve made lasting friendships with people from all walks of life at all ends of the demographic spectrum. That all starts with Jose. 

And during this pandemic Jose has completely transformed his business to serve people through a virtual experience. He’s worked tirelessly to refine this process with his team. He’s offered this virtual experience to everyone, irrespective of whether or not they are a member. At a time when people need support, Jose is doing everything he can to meet that need. Jose serves the community.


Jose serves his team. He’s built a coaching staff that leads with intention, with empathy, and attention to detail. I was fortunate to contribute to this team and I have seen the level of care that Jose takes to accentuate each coach’s individual strengths while working hard to help them grow in the ways that most impact their lives. Jose is a leader.


Jose serves his family. Every time we talk I hear an anecdote about his wife or his daughters as he beams with pride. Jose works hard in the early and late hours so that he can be present and engaged at home. He’s usually tinkering on a side project at home, and he’s always thinking about how he can empower everyone in his family to be their best selves. 


Jose serves the Lord. Everything Jose does is to glorify God. His passion or his family and for the community is an extension of his love for the Lord. In the face of uncertainty Jose is faithful, and when things are going well he continues to be faithful. Jose is consistent.


Five years ago I met Jose and since then he’s grown into a close friend and someone I feel blessed to do life with. If you haven’t met Jose already I hope you get the opportunity to. Your life will be better for it.

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