Crypto / Economics / Finance

Venture Stories: The Present and Future of Crypto with Naval Ravikant and Balaji Srinivasan: Predictions on the past, present, and future of crypto

The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency: The title speaks for itself. You won’t find many podcasts with Nick Szabo but he does a great job breaking down the fundamentals of crypto here

Hash Power – A Documentary on Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies: A three part series that serves as a good primer for crypto

a16z Podcast: Technological Trends, Financial Capital, and the Dynamics of Disruption: Fred Wilson and Chris Dixon diving into the waves of innovation and what we’re seeing today in crypto

Vitalik Buterin on Cryptoeconomics and Markets in Everything: A great deep dive on the how crypto is powering new economic principles in finance and culture

Chris Dixon on How Trust Is the Best Lego Block: Foundational perspective on how trust, or its obfuscation, can give rise to new systems and opportunities

Venture Stories: Competitive Governance with Patri Friedman: Decentralizing government and human coordination

Placeholder’s Joel Monegro on the Fat Protocols Thesis Today: The evolution of a seminal thesis in crypto

How To Value A Crypto Asset: Bringing some fundamental analysis to crypto

Reflections on the 10-Year Anniversary of the Bitcoin White Paper: Bitcoin as a social movement

Abuse of Power Through Centralization: A good discussion on the future of Web3

New Angles on Crypto: A pragmatic thesis on the tradeoffs to achieve scale through network effects

A Sober View on Crypto, with Adam Ludwin: A bullish outlook on where crypto is going, through a practical lens

Peter Van Valkenburgh: Where US Cryptocurrency Regulation is Heading: Good overview of regulation in crypto

TFTC – James Chervinski: what the law says about crypto

OFT – CZ: founder of Binance on the future of crypto


Eugene Wei – Tech, Media & Culture: a true polymath unpacking the intersection of industries and consumer behaviour

a16z Podcast: Scaling Companies (and Tech Trends): Prescient predictions and sage advice from two smart people.

a16z Podcast: How the Internet Happened: A short overview of the rise of the internet (10/10 would recommend the book)

Farnham Street: Chris Dixon: The state of venture capital, why companies fail and artificial intelligence

Farnham Street: Patrick Collison: a deep dive on company culture

Farnham Street: Ben Thompson: the evolution of the digital world

Hunter Walk – Building Picks and Shovels: The big opportunities that often go overlooked

The Future of Tech, with Chris Dixon: Prescient predictions on where tech is going

Albert Wenger: A World After Capital: the future of development, post automation

Personal Growth

Live Episode: Keith Rabois: Career Strategy, Identifying Talent and Evaluating Markets

Farnham Street: Naval Ravikant: wide array of topics on personal and professional growth

Farnham Street: Adam Grant: Givers, Takers, and the Resilient Mind

Farnham Street: Robert Greene: Alive Time vs. Dead Time

Data, Decisions, and Basketball with Sam Hinkie: Analytics applied to everything

JRE – Matthew Walker: why we sleep

Farnham Street: Adam Robinson: how to learn

Generally Great

Hardcore History – King of Kings (Series): Sparta / Persia conflict illuminated far beyond what you get in 300

Hardcore History – Prophets of Doom: A chilling deep dive of the Anabaptist movement

The Portal – Peter Thiel: All the episodes in this podcast are great. I would start with episode 1

Joe Rogan Experience – Lance Armstrong: Good perspective on what all went down with the doping in cycling

Joe Rogan Experience – Russel Brand: Life, addiction, and spirituality

Joe Rogan Experience – Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein: Tough issues tackled with openness

Tim Ferriss Show – Arnold Schwarzenegger: What it took to get to the top