Crypto / Economics / Finance

The End of Alchemy: a deep dive on banking

Adaptive Markets: a supplement to the rational markets hypothesis

The Intelligent Investor: must read if getting into the market

Denationalization of Money: seminal doctrine on Austrian Economics

The Ascent of Money: a financial history of the world

Economics in One Lesson: one of the best pound for pound resources on economics

Money: a biography of money

How Global Currencies Work: self explanatory title

Radical Markets: a non-socialist alternative to capitalism

Mastering the Market Cycle: how to study the market

Big Business: a case for capitalism

Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: required reading

How Finance Works: an intuitive guide for operational finance

Doughnut Economics: a fresh take on economics for the current state of the world

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letters: a collection of insights from a legend

The History of Money: self explanatory

Naked Money: a stripped down story of money past, present, and future

Naked Economics: practical economics

Naked Statistics: practical statistics

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: probability in financial markets

Capital in the 21st Century: some debateable takeaways but the source material is good

The Man Who Solved The Market: the rise of the “quant”

End the Fed: Libertarian economics

The Clash of Civilizations: a proposal for new world order

Social Science

Team of Rivals: how Lincoln leveraged relationships

Mind of Napoleon: an anthology of Napoleon’s insights and reflections

The Sovereign Individual: prescient predictions on the future of humanity

Alexander of Macedon: Alexander the Great

Hannibal: one of the greatest warriors

The Ghosts of Cannae: More on Hannibal

Titan: the story of the rise of the mogul, Rockefeller

The Fifth Risk: horrifying look at the Trump transition plan, or lack-thereof

Meditations: stoicism from the master stoic

Who Is Michael Ovitz: a great memoir of one of the great builders

Principles: some good lenses to view the variables of life

Finite and Infinite Games: finding the win wins in the games of life

The Black Swan: expect the unexpected

Skin in the Game: how we over/under index irrationally

Factfulness: the truth about the development of the world

Working: pseudo memoir on writing and research from Robert Caro

The Revolution: Libertarian politics

Why Success Always Starts with Failure: how to ride the wave

The Model Thinker: using data to make decisions

Thinking in Systems: applying frameworks to make decisions

Thinking Fast and Slow: how we think

The Coddling of the American Mind: how society fostering fragility

Savage Inequalities: The systemic oppression of the US school system

Twitter and Teargas: how platforms like Twitter can fuel radicals

Boomerang: a compelling, almost satirical account of the ’08 financial collapse

Moneyball: sports, data, and the rise of an underdog

The Undoing Project: psychology of behaviour, underpinned by a story of friendship

The Laws of Human Nature: know thyself, and know others

Power of Habit: psychology of learned behaviours

Smarter Faster Better: psychology of performance

The Big Nine: The future of AI

Shoe Dog: the story of Nike

Option B: a human approach to working through human variables

Start With Why: emotion drives action

Thinking in Bets: decision making is the most important, learned skill

Think Like a Freak: mind bender

Billion Dollar Whale: insane story of greed and manipulation for wealth

The Tipping Point: how movements start

David and Goliath: the underdog isn’t always as it seems

Outliers: how people get ahead

The Power of Moments: how to leverage timing and delivery

The Art of War: military strategy with some application to daily life

Conspiracy: The wild story of the Gawker takedown


Insanely Simple: lessons from the innovators of all innovators

Invisible Engines: how software platforms drive innovation

PMarca Archive: an anthology of blog posts Marc Andreessen

Loonshots: how big innovations happen

Venture Deals: what you need to know about fundraising from VCs

Secrets of Sandhill Road: motivations of VCs and how to get capital

Mastering the VC Game: practical strategies to engage VCs

Matchmakers: how multi-sided platforms are driving innovation

Modern Monopolies: how platforms are transforming business

Creativity Inc.: the story of Pixar and the culture that drove their success

Trillion Dollar Coach: lessons from the great Bill Campbell

Storytelling with Data: how to leverage data in communication

Creative Selection: the story of the iPhone

Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy: how to build a business in the age of network effects

The Fixer: part memoir, part playbook, all actionable

High Growth Handbook: real accounts from real people making real impact

Whats The Future And Why It’s Up To Us: a look at where we’re headed

Bad Blood: mind bending manipulation and sociopathic tendencies

How the Internet Happened: the story of innovation post www.

Hard Thing About Hard Things: sober view of start-ups

The Messy Middle: actionable lessons for the non-sexy times in scaling

The Lean Startup: foundational principles for scaling

Elon Musk: a man with un-worldly ambitions and the energy to match

Zero to One: reach escape velocity

7 Powers: seven tools for operational leverage in business

Blitzscaling: grow fast

Snow Crash: eerily accurate predictions of the dystopian world we’re forming

Positioning: psychology of competition

Hatching Twitter: Twitter origin stories

Crossing the Chasm: strategy for go-to-market

How to Speak Tech: brief overview of important tech foundations

The McKinsey Way: applicable principles for all professional experiences

Understanding Michael Porter: a great strategic mind

Originals: people who changed the game and changed, themselves

The Everything Store: the quest for world domination, starting with books

Powerful: re-thinking company culture from first principles

The Four: sobering view on the monopolization in the digital age

Measure What Matters: handbook for organizational execution

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: handbook for anything go-to-market

The Outsiders: the stories of eight great CEOs

Extreme Teams: how great companies organize

Radical Focus: more thoughts on organizational execution

The Checklist Manifesto: lists are important

Guerilla Marketing: high impact marketing strategy

Personal Growth

Bird by Bird: on living and writing well

On Writing Well: required reading on writing

The Rise of Superman: mind bending examples of people in flow state

Flow: the psychology of optimal experience

Nobody Want to Read Your Shit: how to write compelling prose

The War on Art: a guide to breaking the resistance of creative work

Do the Work: a follow on to War of Art

Turning Pro: a follow on to the two above (taking it to the next level)

Range: a case for generalization

The Art of Memoir: a memoir on writing a memoir

Reboot: some good words on leadership and personal growth

How to Live: a memoir of Montaigne

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: balanced living through Biblical context

Mastery: lessons from the best

Deep Work: how to optimize for high output

The Upside of Stress: how to harness stress for good

12 Rules for Life: a good forcing function of introspection

How to Deliver a Great TED Talk: important lessons for all communication

Nonviolent Communication: how to be more thoughtful in approach

Fierce Conversations: how to have impactful conversations with others, and ourselves

How to Win Friends and Influence People: applicable maxims for everyone

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living: prescient advice for life

The Effective Executive: how to be effective

Managing Oneself: rules to live by

Extreme Ownership: lessons from guys who have done it

Grit: how to get ahead by sheer willpower

Linchpin: how to make yourself critical to success

Tools of Titans: lessons from people who have done it

Tribe of Mentors: more lessons from people who have done it

4-Hour Work Week: Some practical habits of efficiency