Taking Action in the Black Lives Matter Movement

Col Fitness is built on the foundation of diversity and inclusion, but we don’t want to just talk about it, we are taking action. 

We have launched an online fitness competition called the Col Countdown in support of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, a non-profit organization that fights for the civil liberties, human rights, and democratic freedoms of all people across Canada with a specific focus on supporting People of Color.

The Col Countdown is open to anyone and all donations are completely optional. Whether you are able to contribute financially or not, we want to see as many people participating as possible. 

We know there is a lot of work to do as a society to reach a state of equality, we have been impressed by the work that the CCLA has been doing and we are excited to do our part to support this movement. 

The Col Community is a diverse collective of people that have demonstrated their commitment to doing what is right by taking action. We are proud to partner with our community and the community of people doing what they can to fight for what is right. 

To register, visit Col Countdown Registration
To contribute financially, visit: Col Countdown Contributions to CCLA

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